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Spring Day

March 27, 2009

Today is a beautiful Spring day… you should pass the time enjoying it. Or by watching a really weird, kind of mindblowing fan video!

If “mishearing” lyrics is an art, Youtuber clsscrock is a prodigy or something. This is something I can’t do. Sure, I’ll genuinely mis-hear a lyric or hear an “English” word in the German lyrics here and there, but my brain doesn’t try and interpret the German words into English in that literal, phonetic  way. Maybe that’s why I find Misheard Lyrics fanvideos so entertaining. For the life of me, I could never “translate” a song like that.

Usually, the results are hilarious, but clsscrock tried something different, using “Spring Nicht.” She somehow managed to translate the entire song into misheard English with a cohesive storyline. Sure, some parts don’t make a lot of sense, but still – it’s a story. A disturbing, super-angsty story where “Bill” has killed for love. Insane. I usually can’t stand “fanfic” type fanvids, but this fascinates me:

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