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MTVla: Stop Embarrassing Yourself.

April 7, 2009

MTVla, The MTV of Latin America, has posted a ridiculous article about Bill’s look and the possibility of a Latin American tour, including the statement as fact that on the new album, Bill is playing the violin.

OK, stop. The violin story was a fabrication posted on Staragora, a French celebrity gossip site, thus demonstrating that they’ll print anything without fact-checking. It’s an interesting experiment, actually; now we know that quite a few media outlets, including MTV, apparently consider Staragora a reliable source.

It’s worth noting that even Staragora didn’t post it as straight-up fact, admitting it came from a mysterious, anonymous fan (“une info que vient de nous envoyer une mystérieuse fan, souhaitant rester anonyme”).


Translation of the MTVLA article by LoveBill, below the fold:

In the middle of production of the successor of the ultrasuccesful “Scream”, where Bill will play the violin and everything, we have hot news of the band that rocked the 2008 Los Premios (their only latin visit until now) and made girls and boys shout as well.

To start, no more black shadow for Bill’s eyes. Now, he uses a rust color. And no more lion hair: Now, dreadlocks, like his brother Tom, but white and black. Wow.

Also, it seems they come. There are rumors that by the end of this year they’ll make a tour to Peru, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil too, apparently there are already local promoters contacting the management of the band, but nothing is 100% confirmed.

As soon as we know, of course we’ll tell you.

h/t: THAF

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  1. April 8, 2009 10:11 pm

    I mentioned your blogs on this video:

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