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Drastic Buzz

April 9, 2009

With a new batch of stalker pics floating around and causing so much of a scene that everyone pretty much dropped the Gustav gossip that was all over the place yesterday morning (an nice little effect, actually), there are few dull moments right now.

I don’t have any comment on the photos themselves. I really can’t tell much of anything from them. I do not believe they were posed and officially released, as some are theorizing. They’re causing pre-album buzz, yes, but I’ve seen nothing to convince me that they are anything other than stalker pics. I’m open to all theories, though.

Anyway. What have we learned in the last 24 hours or so?

1. The fandom appears to be much more accepting of a drastic style change from Tom than from Bill. Which is surprising in a way, because Tom’s style has been pretty damn steadfast, unlike Bill’s, which, of course, has always evolved. And the prevailing belief of what his current style looks like a drastic change.

2. No matter how much fans condemn stalker behavior, stalkers who persevere get the attention and glory they crave.


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  1. Isha permalink
    April 9, 2009 5:23 pm

    you know what..i never considered that…but you’d think that TH fans knowing Bill would be more expectant and prepared for change compared to Tom who has done nothing with his hair that put dreads in it
    But, I really am looking forward to how his hair turned out

  2. Iyana permalink
    April 9, 2009 7:52 pm

    you make a great point holly about how fans are accepting change…and yes i totally agree with the whole stalker thing its like u know its wrong but u cant help but be curious lol

  3. Taleen permalink
    April 9, 2009 8:56 pm

    -I don’t know why some of the fans are acting a bit too dramatic about it. =/ I mean when I read in some comments about Bill/Tom new look and how some of them commented to them that they will actually stop being their fans if they din’t get back to their old look, I said to my self, ‘oh good for them..they better have some real supportive fans then fans who actually never looked at them beyond their look/hairstyles’. That was too shallow. Idk why all the drama about it!

    -I always liked Bill’s styles. Bill gone through MANY style phases, but they’re all so interesting. He has this Asian-rocker look, Tom has his gangsta-baggy style, and it works so well together. But, if they want to change that, so what, its their choice not us. I’ll be excited for them.
    I think both of them can pull off any hairstyle and look and they will always look so beautiful, handsome and so incredibly sexy in any style they choose.

    -And I’m really worry about them from those annoying crazy stalkers. Fans need to stay outta their business. If you noticed their body language in some of those photos, it speaks volumes. They can’t even get out for some fresh air without stalkers flashing cameras.
    Every move is watched and critisized.
    Poor Boys 😦

  4. April 9, 2009 10:26 pm

    We are accepting. At the beginning, I remember everybody was shocked and raised up a storm. But now we’re used to the thought, so everything is a-okay!

  5. hollyq permalink*
    April 10, 2009 10:04 am

    I don’t know, I still see fans weeping for Bill’s hair on a daily basis. More than for Tom’s and Tom’s apparent change is still fresh. Maybe it’s because more people comment on Bill in general.

    With Bill, the fandom pretty much went into denial after the New Year’s Beach shots, but still had time to live with the idea. When Bill was photographed in public with the dreadfalls three months later, it shot down the “beach braids” theory and others that rationalized that he hadn’t changed his hair … without as much room for denial, fans pretty much had to be more accepting.

    With Tom, I really think people are more OK with it because, secretly or not so secretly, some fans were getting tired of his look. He did outgrow it, IMO. It’s a good time for a change.

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