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Taking the Prize for Ridiculousness

April 15, 2009

Thank you to SwedenGirl and Coolbreezegirl on the THA Forum for not only debunking this recent bit of Album 3 fakery, but making me laugh for ten years. This one, from a fanmade youtube video that insists that it’s confirmed that Album 3 is titled Reset (the creator claims Bill confirmed the title on Caught on Camera, which, of course, is not true), wouldn’t even be worth mentioning if not for the World’s Dumbest Fakers element. The video shows a screencap of Tokio Hotel’s discography, including Reset:

Swedengirl pointed out that this, down to Scream, is an exact match of Tokio Hotel’s Wikipedia page. Of course, it wouldn’t matter if Reset was there, Wikipedia is not reliable, since anyone can edit whatever they want into it. Which is what is so funny. As Coolbreezegirl observed, the screencap is obviously a manipulation, with the Reset entry in a completely different font, noting that, quote: “faking a Wikipedia screencap takes the prize in ridiculousness.”

Aside from the fact that it makes no sense to go to any trouble making a fake screencap of something that adds no credibility whatsoever, they could have saved themselves a lot of hassle if they’d just edited the stupid Wikipedia page rather than alter a screencap of it.

I’m still laughing.

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