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BILD Reports: Masked Girls Hunt Tokio Hotel [UPDATED]

April 17, 2009
Photo from BILD - "Vermummte Mädchen jagen Tokio Hotel“

Photo from BILD - "Vermummte Mädchen jagen Tokio Hotel“

I don’t usually re-post news stories, but since the English-language media is not up to speed, I am posting a translation of this story, which will hopefully will be picked up by other media outlets. According to BILD, Tokio Hotel Manager David Jost has confirmed some of the stories that have been rumored, including an assault on a family member of Tom and Bill on April 8th. Be ready, this is a disturbing article.

Fans wonder why he lost control.  Is there now a possible explanation for his behavior?

“Tokio Hotel” guitarist Tom Kaulitz (19) lashed out at a gas station in Hamburg. A young woman (21) was struck in the face after they put a lit cigarette to his car. Charges were filed against the rock star.

IMAGE learned today: The woman is a stalker from France. They call themselves “Les Afghans on tour” (The Afghans on tour ). The group consists of four girls, which followed every step of the band for half a year. The young women are often disguised or masked.

Stalkers have allegedly also put the homes of band members under siege. The cars of the musicians were vandalized with eggs and they allegedly wrote threatening letters and harassed family members.

In a threatening letter to “Tokio Hotel” the BILD posseses, the girls say that they were more than ordinary fans, and threaten the band that for the next week it will be a “small nightmare.” And further: “Attention, attention … We are dissatisfied. We are impatient, WE UNDERSTAND IT? ”

Even the mother of Bill and Tom was threatened and physically attacked by them last week. Criminal charges against the stalker have been filed (document number 2009 004 57397).

“Tokio hotel” manager and producer David Jost to BILD confirmed the incidents.

He says: “One of the masked stalker girls on 8 April attacked a member of the family of Bill and Tom. We directly filed charges on the following day against the girl and  more charges will be pressed.”

(bold by  me)

Open threats were also posted today on what I am told is one of the stalkers’ blogs against Tokio Hotel and, specifically, their friend Andreas, along with the words “Craignez nous, parce que ça va chier.” – Fear us, because all hell’s going to break loose.

The entries have since been removed, but the screencaps are making the rounds.

UPDATE (4/18): Since I posted about the blog threats above, I feel obligated to update to say that apparently, I can’t believe I’m saying this, another stalker faction has claimed responsibility for the threats. According to something posted on a TH forum, the reliability of which I can’t assure, the threats were not towards the band or their friend, but one of the “Afghan” stalkers, who they have nicknamed “Andy Maniac.” It’s claimed to be a joke. They say that they have been questioned by the police, which, if true, is something.

Basically, it’s Thunderdome.

(Thank you to SecretAdmirer, Pat, and LoveBill @ the THAF)

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  1. April 17, 2009 7:17 pm

    Such a nasty situation – hope it gets resolved OK. I know Perez has been a shit so far in his mentions, but perhaps he’ll pick up this side of the story. Not that he’s the gospel but for better or worse, he defines a crazy chunk of popular opinion.

  2. Jeannette permalink
    April 18, 2009 6:24 am

    Ich finde es total scheisse,das diese Mädchen Tokio Hotel jagen und sogar schon die Familie von den Jungs Fertig machen.ich bin ein Fan seit es Tokio Hotel gibt.
    Und ich halte zu ihnen.

  3. Morgan permalink
    April 23, 2009 3:19 pm

    So is tom going to jail or not?

    I hope he only gets probation cause I love him and I don’t want him in jail…..and I think he hit her out of self-defense and she deserved it.

    • hollyq permalink*
      April 23, 2009 3:42 pm

      If it goes to trial and Tom is found Guilty of the charges, he will most likely get a fine – no jail time.

  4. Morgan permalink
    April 23, 2009 3:47 pm

    Thank you for answering : ) I think he might get probation….but I don’t want him to go to jail…..I think the girl and her gang needs to go.

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