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Album 3 – B-Sides?

April 18, 2009

I have thought a lot about the possibility that one or more of Tokio Hotel’s B-sides (the bonus tracks released with singles) might appear on Album 3. I go back and forth on this… on the one hand, it seems from what we know that the new album is going to be a departure, so retooled older B-sides may be completely off the map. On the other hand, some of the B-Sides are not only great songs, they have immense commercial potential.

“Frei im Freien Fall” (Free in Free Fall), bonus track to the “Der letze Tag” Maxisingle, is  one I could see retooled for radio. Or at least something like it. It’s got a hooky Rock edge, with a dark lyrical undertone. The overall sound is a bit young as it is, but with new producers and songwriters (for translating to English), I could see this song being a US hit.

There’s  “Geh” (Go), bonus track to the “An Deiner Seite (Ich bin da)” Maxisingle. This is not my favorite B-side, though I love the stripped-down sound of the track and the rawness of Bill’s voice. I could hear it on Rock Radio, though, especially if it was called “Leave” rather than the more common translation “Go.”

One I think would be can’t-turn-around-without-hearing-it huge is “Hilf Mir Fliegen” (Help Me Fly), bonus track to the “Übers Ende der Welt” Maxisingle:

Frequently regarded by fans as one of Tokio Hotel’s best songs, this track in the hands of an American songwriter who is able to translate it into English smoothly would be Gold. I think it could be a breakthrough similar to No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak,” a song that people who don’t know a thing about the band will love when it comes on the radio twice an hour. As much as I know fans want to keep this gem for ourselves, this is a song with very broad appeal. I’d almost hate to see it remain so obscure.

Or, these songs (and other B-Sides/Bonus Tracks such as “Wir schließen uns ein” and my favorite favorite “In Die Nacht”) could remain as they are – special bonuses that the fans hold close to our hearts.

I’m good either way.

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