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BILD – What the hell?

April 24, 2009

BILD posted an interesting story today about the situation with Tom and the stalkers, where apparently there may be some out-of-court negotiations.

Here is a translation of the original German article:

May Tokio Hotel Rest Easy Again?

The lawyer offers a peace proposal!

After a stalker gang attacked the band and Tokio-Tom freaked out at a gas station, the girls’ lawyer discussed with Bill (19) and Tom’s (19) lawyer.

His proposal: they withdraw the charges against Tom, if the band withdraws the charges and the further criminal action against the girls.

David Jost, the manager and producer of Tokio Hotel, said about the other side’s peace proposal: “Of course it is possible, if the stalkers never approach the family members and Bill and Tom again.”


The guitarist of Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz (19) hit a young woman (21) on her face a week ago, at a gas station, after  she stumped a cigarette on his car. The woman charged the rock star promptly.

The woman is a member of a stalker-gang from France. They call themselves “Les Afghanes on Tour”. The gang consists of four girls, who have followed the band’s every single step for half a year. The young women are often disguised or masked.

Supposedly, the stalkers bombarded the apartments of the bandmembers. They have thrown eggs at their cars, wrote threatening letters, and have harassed the family members.

Decent article, right? It doesn’t make sense to me that multiple charges against multiple stalkers be dropped in exchange for dropping a single charge that would likely result in a fine at worst, but I trust that the band/family’s lawyers, who know more than we do,  are handling things properly.

That’s not why I’m saying What The Hell. I’m saying What The Hell because this is what BILD printed as the English language version of the story:

TOKIO HOTEL Peace offering over fan attack

Tokio Hotel stars Tom and Bill Kaulitz have been given a peace offering from a fan’s lawyer. The girl who Tom attacked at a petrol station last week has asked her lawyer to offer the boys an ultimatum. The fan – who has been accused of stalking the singers – has said she will drop criminal charges against Tom for assault if he drops charges against her. David Jost, the producer and manager of Tokio Hotel, said: “We will only agree to the offer if it is guaranteed that the stalker will stay away from the band members and their families.”

OK, let’s just say I let the “fan” part slide. Now she’s “the girl who Tom attacked”? What happened to the stalker gang? What about the six months of harassment, vandalism, and violence? The headlines alone are starkly different: one suggests the band has been terrorized, and the other suggests a flat-out attack on a fan. What is going on here?

STORY UPDATE: According to the Hamburger Morgenpost, there will be no deal. The stalkers refuse to sign anything that says they can’t get near the band.

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