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Stalkers Dig Their Own Graves

April 26, 2009

The rumor that Spiegel TV would air an interview with Les Afghanes on Tour turned out to be true – but thankfully, it was not the sympathetic piece that some fans feared. Instead, it portrays Les Afghanes as the batshit crazy stalkers they are.

Disturbing English subtitled video after the jump, including footage of stalkers chasing Tom’s car and a verbal confrontation with the Twins’ mother (her face is not shown), where they actually threaten to call the police on her for trying to get them to leave the property.

As hard as this is to watch for many fans, Spiegel has done a service with this piece. Whether you like Tokio Hotel or not, this is sympathetic towards them and what they have been going through. I am glad this piece aired, but can’t believe the deluded stupidity of these stalkers. Bragging about stalking the Twins for sport to the media is not exactly going to help their defense in court.

Many thanks to FishieLPKaulitz8 @ THAF, and oLANo for subbing.

If you have trouble reading the subs in the embed, click to the page on Youtube, where the text is bigger.

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