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Global Fan Action – Ich Bin Da Day, May 16

April 27, 2009


The French forum THSekunde has brainstormed a great idea for an International Fan Action to take place on May 16. On this day, fans all over the world will go to itunes and download the song “An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)” (as the Zimmer 483 album is unfortunately not available for download on itunes in the US, American fans will download “By Your Side” from the Scream album). The goal is to put the song on the Top Downloads chart, and to show International Tokio Hotel Fan Unity.

Spread the word! Remember, you must download the song LEGALLY on itunes. It will cost 99¢ (US). You can also purchase multiple copies to gift to friends as part of the action.

The original Call to action from THSekunde to the US Fan Club is pasted below the fold, with more info.

Well i don’t really post here, but i feel so bad for our boys.

Considering new information about the real impact of the whole story with the stalkers and the band, we thought that for once, they really need a huge demonstration of love from their real fans.
We were here for them , when bill was sick… and along all things they went through this last 3 years and half.
Thats why we raised up a Fanaction, that we need to be global and international to show them our endless support and respect for their music and for the boys they are.
So here is the deal, i’m part of the French forum THSekunde ( We believe most of the Fanctions won’t be known by the band (unfortunately), or even by other fans worldwide. That’s why we decided to organize a BIG GLOBAL action for all the countries supporting Tokio Hotel, not only Tom, but all the band.
We want to do a big download day on the song « ich bin da » (or “by your side”, depends on your country). The aim is to make a huge buzz and to take the song on the top of the worldwide charts ! If it succeeds, the band, medias, people, and all fans will know it immediately : why a song available for 2 years (1 year in some countries) is suddendly #1 ? We choose “ich bin da” because of the lyrics. We want this action to be broadcast everywhere the same day.
We all know the atmosphere is extremely COLD between worldwide fans, it’is the biggest opportunity to change it and show everyone that we are united by music. As a return to the source. The download-day will be on May, 16th on iTunes.
Some of the staff from this forum will be back to explain you how iTunes works.
Thanks for helping us to support our boys.
The Official Fanclubs from Croatia, Switzerland, Estonia, Italy, France, and USA are already ok with the project. We’re waiting for the others.
If you have any questions,

I’m the admin for this 3rd French Forum.
Did i mention you can spread the idea by yourself. It isn’t my idea it’s our idea, all together. So don’t by shy to talk everywhere about it.

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