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Twins Speak… to Bravo? [UPDATED – Scans & More]

April 28, 2009

An issue of the German teenie rag Bravo that hits the street tomorrow will supposedly have the first words publicly spoken by Tom and Bill since the incident of April 15 (technically, since Bill’s “Be Patient!” audio message in of April 4). A transcription is floating around already.

Less predictable things have happened this week, I guess. But Bravo? The magazine that printed a picture of their old building when they lived there? Who printed pictures of their new cars just a couple of months ago? Bravo got the exclusive of Bill and Tom addressing the Stalker Problem?

Or, you know, cut and pasted quotes with things they might say? Who knows. Scans should be up very soon, unless it’s a complete hoax. UPDATE: Here are the scans, thanks to cashicute12 on THAF.

UPDATE: This quote from David Jost to BILD (in reaction to new allegations and demands from the stalkers), however, leaves me with no doubt of its authenticity (Translated from German):

“I hope the stalkers are not planning any other attacks. We will now prosecute not only individual members, but the entire Stalker Gang and through the justice of the court ensure that they can not get near the band or, first and foremost, their famlies, ever again.”

UPDATE 4/29: In this new BILD video, Les Afghans desperately attempt to paint themselves as complete victims under attack by the Kaulitz family. Not only that, but RTL Punkt12 reported today that they are allegedly trying to get a restraining order against Tom.

Can we fall down laughing now, or should we wait until they’re locked up?


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