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One Million Views – Get to Watching!

April 30, 2009

The One Million Views Fanaction technically starts Tomorrow (or Midnight tonight?), May 1st, but fans have been getting a head start for a couple of days now. The goal? To give the Official “An Diener Seite” (Ich Bin Da)” video on Universal’s Youtube channel a big view spike as a message to the label and Tokio Hotel.

EDIT: For this to be successful, you must actually play the entire video and reload, not refresh, the page. Continually refreshing or clicking F5 stops the counter as a defense against spamming view counts. We are not trying to spam the count! This is about fans getting together to view the video throughout the day. It’s about fan unity and supporting the band – not gaming the view count.

I’ve seen a lot of confusion about this action, so a couple of things:

This is a totally separate action from Ich Bin Da Download Day, coming May 16. This one is free. All you have to do is watch the Universal video, as many times as you want, mainly on May 1.

What it’s not – it’s not an action to try and make a Tokio Hotel video the highest viewed music video on Youtube. There are TH videos with millions of views that would wind up with a much, much higher view count than this one. That’s not the goal. The goal is to make a noticeable jump in views for this one video, which was chosen because it is Official, has a relatively low view count (just around 20,000) to start, and, of course, because of the message of the song. This is the version tracked by Universal. A large sudden jump on a video uploaded six month ago will likely be noticed. As with download day, this is a way to get together to send a message to Tokio Hotel.

See you on Youtube!

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