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Ich Bin Da Download Day Update

May 2, 2009

With 27 International Tokio Hotel Fan Clubs signed up (so far), Cherrytree Records Featuring the story, and the Media starting to give it attention (see small scan below), Download Day is shaping up to be something Big.

Paper: Matin Bleu, Switzerland

Paper: Matin Bleu, Switzerland

If you are in a country where neither “An Diener Seite (Ich Bin Da)” or “By Your Side” is avaialble on itunes, such as the UK, follow the instructions below the jump to request the song:

#1 Go on :

#2 Fill up the online “quizz” / questionary (?) be carreful, my itunes contact said it is only in ENGLISH. So put you name, e-mail…

#3 In the box “Request type” please select REQUEST A SONG a fill up the boxes like that :
– SONG TITLE : An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)
– YEAR : 2007
– ARTIST : Tokio Hotel
– RECORD LABEL : Universal Music group
– ALBUM : Zimmer 483

#4 On the box “comments” please right the short message below (don’t forget to insert you country!) :

I would like to request that the song “An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)” by the band Tokio Hotel be added to the itunes in my country (insert your country here). If it’s not possible to get this song, could I purchase the English version of the song, “By Your Side” . The availability of this song will allow me to participate in the huge download-day that has been organized for this song on May 16th.

#5 Click on “Send Feedback” and wait for an answer. More people will do this, more you will have the chance to have the song!

If this doesn’t work, I believe there will be an alternate song chosen just for the UK.

And, yes, you DO have to download itunes. It is a safe download from Apple. The file will not be compatible with all players, but you can burn it to a CD and uninstall itunes later, if you want. You do NOT have to have an ipod to download or play the file. You do NOT have to have a credit/debit card or enter this information into itunes; you can puchase an itunes Gift Card (minimum $15) at many stores (retail, supermarkets, drug stores, 7-11) and use that as you payment option, or use Paypal.(

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