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One Million Views: Epic What?

May 2, 2009

So… just over 39,000 views as of now, around 10,000 of which were logged on May 1. As some fans claim to have logged thousands of views by themselves, I think we can assume that many “views” were spam filtered, which is too bad, because if those fans just watched the video several times throughout the day, the view count would probably be a lot higher.

There are also about 12,000 comments and growing, though it isn’t all in the spirit of fan unity and respect for the band. I wasn’t big on the idea of making the comments a “chatroom” to increase the comment count. 2,000 support messages like what were coming through early yesterday before it got commandeered as a chatbox would have been more meaningful than 12,000 messages of people chatting about random stuff, gossiping, making inappropriate sexual comments, and fighting. 1

The action was really nice and fun at first. Then, of course, came the competition. Everything always has to be a competition.

I guess the action will continue through the weekend, and possibly through the month. I will watch the video now and again, because I enjoy watching it and I still like the basic idea of watching it to support the band together with fans around the world… but I don’t think the action can be called a success. Maybe, if it extends, things will turn around.

This is why I’m optimistic about Download Day. There’s much less room for shenanigans.

BACK 1 EDIT: I’m seeing people say that fans are making new friends there, and it is an International “chat,” so I’m going to amend my view slightly… if people are making friends they wouldn’t have otherwise, especially Internationally, I’m not opposed to the way the comments are going. Some of the stuff in it is unnecessary, but what can you do?

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