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World Screeches To A Halt As H&M Releases Photo

May 2, 2009

No, this is exciting. You may have heard a rumor that Tokio Hotel has designed a shirt for H&M‘s annual “Fashion Against AIDS” campaign.  This has not only been confirmed, but press stories are starting to come out, including this one that features a photo of Tom and Bill (and Bill’s new hair) modeling the design. This year’s designs, which are said to be inspired by the ’80s and graffiti style in the linked Hamburger Abendblatt article, will be available on May 28.

Photo: H&M Hennes & Mauritz

Photo: H&M Hennes & Mauritz

It is kind of surreal, four months to the day since those New Year’s vacation pictures showed the mysterious “white dreads” and nearly two months after Bill made his first public appearance with them, seeing a picture from a photo shoot with the “new look.” I can’t decide if it looks exactly like I imagined, or not at all. Either way, I like it. And, I’m not sure exactly what that design is, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

(h/t cashicute12 and ThinAir @ THAF)

UPDATE: Scan of the newspaper article, with a better view of the design, after the jump:


(Click to enlarge)

It appears to be a big skull with “Rock Hard F*** Safe” (not my bleep, I’ll say Fuck here if I want to) as the teeth. Cool.

(Thanks to Stern)

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  1. Katerina permalink
    May 4, 2009 5:32 am

    Ha ha!!! Holly Shit I love the slogen 😀
    Rock Hard- F*** Safe!! Genius and straight to the point 😛

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