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What’ll It Be? Part III

May 8, 2009

In earlier posts, I looked at Album 3 collaborators The Matrix and Desmond Child and mused over what their contributions might mean for the new album. Today we’ll look at American songwriter Diane Warren, who was actually the first to publicly mention working with Tokio Hotel post-Scream, in November ’08.

Many fans say they are unfamiliar with Diane Warren, but very few people are unaware of her work. She is most well known for her love songs, including the hits “UnBreak My Heart,” “Can’t Fight The Moonlight,” and “Because You Loved Me.” The song that is probably most familiar to the Tokio Hotel demographic is Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” (which, coincidentally, was mentioned by Bill an a 2007 interview that Schnee posted on the Main THA blog today).

So yeah. If you want a hit love song, call Diane Warren. But she’s not all sappy love songs. I was very interested to learn that Diane Warren actually co-wrote Alice Cooper’s “Bed of Nails” with Cooper and – get this – Desmond Child. Another three-way collab? Considering that this is probably my favorite song in her catalog, I could definitely live with that.

It should be interesting. She has also worked with Joan Jett, Paul Stanley/KISS, and Meat Loaf. So people fretting that this is going to be like Celine Dion or Michal Bolton probably shouldn’t worry too much. Whether it’s one of her trademark love songs or not, Ms. Warren is a master of words, and of the language (the English language, of course). Although we don’t know if they’re collabrating from scratch, or if she’s working with Tokio Hotel to transform their  German songs into beautfully worded English songs (and I think they should get the very best to recreate the songs in English, so I’m hoping she’s done some of that), I think it’s a collaboration to anticipate.


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