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May 28, 2009

It seems sudden (though it’s been gradual) – all at once, it seems, things are happening. The VIVA Comets are tomorrow. Tokio Hotel is up for Best Online Star, of course. No word yet on whether they will appear. Today is the day the H&M Fashion Against AIDS shirts are released! I’m getting ready to head out to my local H&M right now.  The new Official Tokio Hotel site goes online Monday, around the time an issue of the teeny rag J-14 with a TH poster will hit the stands. J-14’s definition of “poster” may not be my definition, however. I don’t know yet if I’ll pick it up. Supposedly, they have an article where it says Bill and Lady Gaga would make a good couple, which makes me like J-14 a teensy but more than before, just because I adore Lady Gaga and get a secret kick out of seeing fangirls freak out over fluff. Fans have so far responded to the suggestion by pointing out that the 23 year old Gaga is “too old.” Sigh.

Anyway. I never need an excuse to highlight pictures of Bill being stunning at Comets ’08, but I kind of have one, so I’m not passing it up :


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