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Humanoid Rumors [UPDATED]

August 7, 2009

Oooh, there’s all kinds of gossip… like Tom’s going to be wearing some kind of  a shirt! But the big buzz is, the first single is rumored to be called “Automatic.” This comes from a French site called e vous whose reliability I can’t vouch for. (UPDATE: It’s True!)

Also causing a stir, but possibly a case of mixed up identities, is the rumor that German rapper Kay One has been confirmed as a collaborator in the Cherrytree chat. Kay One is a friend of the Twins who said he wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with Tokio Hotel in a interview.  “Kay One” as a name is also a similar to “RedOne.” RedOne himself , according to CT chatters I consider reliable, recently confirmed that he worked on Humanoid in a  chat on So the Kay One rumor is a little iffy. This rumor goes on to say that Kay One and Bushido were seen at an unnamed recording studio with Tokio Hotel, making it more questionable. Bushido/TH rumors are common and often untrue, though the band are known to be friends with the controversial German rapper. Personally, I’d love to see a Bushido collab, but I’m not believing this is true at this point.

But yes, RedOne is Go! RED-ONE… TOKIO HOTEL! Hee.

UPDATE 9/14: RedOne Out.

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