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First Humanoid Interview (with subs)

August 21, 2009

OMG, that holster bag thing Bill is wearing, what is that?! Give it!

OK, I’m calm.

So I guess the whole “dating Chantelle” media thing is done. That was some pretty heavy damage control. Heehee.

UPDATE: More bits not in the embedded video (RTL airs a couple of times a day and the segments vary a bit), after the jump:

B, T, Ge and Gu are back again after one year. Visually, not that much has changed: As ever, Bill likes it extravagantly, now he has nail polish that fits in with his hair. Gustav’s hair is a bit longer, he’s got glasses. And concerning the music, the boys have become a little bit more grown-up: Automatisch, the new single. The song is about a cold, emotionless person. Whom were they thinking of?!

Tom: YOU!! 😉 *laughter*
B: Nah… I mean, especially in what we’re doing, we meet lots of people who are emotionless, who are automatic …
T: …superficial
B: …and superficial. So, it’s a bit our personal experience…

And there were more than enough personal experiences, sadly also negative ones, in the past months: Gustav was involved in an ugly brawl, and the whole band was followed by hysterical stalkers. Being famous isn’t all fun, after all.

B: It definitely does scare you a bit sometimes.
T: Yeah.
B: Coz, I mean, we tried for about a year now to keep a bit away from the public, and it didn’t really work.
T: Yes, that…
B: And of course there are always some stories that become public. And then you realize: Ok, even when you try, it doesn’t really work.

Thanks to Artax for the translation!

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