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Media Predictably Makes Nokia Event Look Like Rip-Off

August 28, 2009

Here we go! is among the media outlets who, having apparently not researched the event beforehand, accuse Tokio Hotel of somehow ripping off fans by playing a 24 minute acoustic set. A free set, mind you, and as far as I’ve heard, tickets were granted to fans who waited outside whether they’d won or not, until the venue was at capacity. Oh, and it was followed by a signing for all 1,000 + fans, whether they’d won a pass or not, plus they all got a Nokia fanpack including a THTV preview DVD and a voucher to download Humanoid when it comes out.

What a ripoff!

TH fans can be notoriously complaint-happy, but I’ve yet to hear complaints from fans who were there about the length of the show or waiting to go up for the signing. You know why? Because it was announced that the set would include six songs – “Automatic” plus five older songs. The US radio station acoustic sets last year included only three songs (plus a Meet & Greet). These are promotional events, not full concerts. The fans knew it. Twisting it into some kind of letdown is lame.

Now, some fans really are angry that non-winners were let in, and some are especially resentful that certain fans always seem to manage to get into everything – but honestly, wishing that fans who took the risk and showed up in Cologne were left out in the cold (well, not literally cold… you know what I mean) while the venue still had space for 300 more fans because TH fans have a habit of entering contests for tickets they know damn well they won’t be able to use is petty. It’s sour grapes. I used to be against it, but I’ve changed my mind. It doesn’t make sense to waste tickets.

Anyway. Here is a translation of the article:

24 minutes with Tokio Hotel

Was it really a concert, or just an annoying little chore to the sponsor – the oh-so-funny aftertaste eagerly awaited Tokio Hotel concert in Cologne. The nervousness was big, big fan hysterical crowd did not exist at Südstadion but.

From the 1200 cards that Tokyo could win supporters only sponsors were so many lying at the entrance to the tent was filled shortly before the start of the concert – with hundreds of fans without tickets to spend hours ( been cooped up for security reasons) on the football field next door, sitting behind bars were.

The gig was billed as “live acoustic set” of Tokio Hotel – after only six (!) Songs (and exactly 24 minutes), frontman Bill Kaulitz put down the mike.

He had previously toned yet: “We’ve missed you quite a bit. Hope you Had us too. “Fans (at least one fourth had traveled from France, Spain and Italy), obviously – from the many Nachzüglerinnen kissing, howling their admission passes before entering the hall.

Just as smart as the acoustic scene but ran off the subsequent autograph session: Sitting waiting, come forward in small groups, collect autographs dismiss. Thus, girls’ hearts are broken …

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