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Tea for the Twins?

August 29, 2009

For their 20th birthday, Bill and Tom hope to have a traditional tea party, according to just about every German media outlet. And, though not in a rush to grow up, they would like the company of much older guests at the party – age 60 or more, they say. Unconventional, yet conventional. Sounds so cool. Also, it makes me feel good, because I’m too young for the guest list. How often does THAT happen? 😉

Edited to add: I think the media (and some of the fandom) are blowing this out of proportion, though, making it seem as if the Twins’ comments are outlandish. It’s not that big a deal if they think it’s cool to hang with older folks.

UPDATE: Read a translation of the FULL Welt interview on THA. It’s a good one!

Translation of the linked article after the jump.

The two Kaulitz brothers have a rather unusual request for their upcoming birthday.

The singer of pop band Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, is keen for his 20th Birthday on September 1 to be a tea-party, including cream cakes. And it would be “cool” if the guests were all over 60, he told the newspaper Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Bill’s twin brother and guitarist of Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz, said of the unusual request: “Conversations with old people are completely off the beaten path. They have quite different thoughts. ”

Although they are both almost 20, Bill Kaulitz feels that he will never grow up. But it’s all relative. Even at age 13 he thought that he could do anything, and would have felt old enough to go to clubs and drink alcohol. He had always felt older than he was, as portrayed by the music.

The third album from the successful band Tokio Hotel is called “Humanoid” and is yours on October 2. The first single, “Automatic” is released on September 18.

h/t eien

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  1. September 2, 2009 12:40 am

    Feliz cumple a los hermosos kaulitz!;)

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