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Fake Interview Fail

September 17, 2009

There are a lot of fake interviews out there – some teen rag cut and pastes stuff from other outlets’ interviews, adds a little embellishment, maybe have them “speak” about things reported in the gossip media. Bravo does it, Dream Up France just did it with a ridiculous “tell all” interview this week – most teenie rags pull it.

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Star Club #263 (France) give a textbook fake interview – they blatantly ripped info from old BILD articles, the H&M interview, and behind-the-scenes “Automatic” video coverage for MTV and THTV. It’s a real eyeroller. If you have a sense of humor, read eien’s translation of the “interview” after the jump:

Title: Bill : « Sex is a good thing. »

The wait was too long, too sad and too hard: more than a year without any news from TH! Did you think you died?Well, no…You can see them again at the top with their new single Automatic, extract from their next album Humanoid. Here are news from South Africa where they shooted in the desert…

SC: Hi guys! How did the shooting of the clip go?

Gustav: It was really special. There were no reception, nor standard, not even a tiny bar , no internet at all. The nearest village was more than three hours away.
Tom: A place fill of surprises!When you imagine the desert, you think about sun and warmth, but in the night it was -5°. It’s the winter there…
Georg: After the first day of shooting, we came back to the hotel that took us hours to reach.And the heat in Tom’s room didn’t work.
Bill: All the beds had electric blankets,but naturally Tom’s didn’t work.
Tom: After being agitated all night trying to get warmth, I discovered that there were no warm water when I was about to take a shower. But in the end, we are very happy about the clip because it’s hot! [laugh]

SC: Can you talk about the stalkers who harass you?

Bill: It’s a nightmare! Those French girls who called the Afghans on Tour insult us, threaten us and attack us!
Tom: If out family is attacked,the the limit is reached. It’s not funny anymore…In the beginning of April our mother was assaulted in Hamburg. To gather proofs against them, mom started to take pictures with her cell phone. The girls grabbed her by the wrist and snatched the cell phone from her hand. She pressed charges at the police station…They want to drag us in court now-especially Perrine- for assault and demand 5000 € .But if they do that, we’ll press charges for harassment!
Bill: We heard that other fans were attacked too.That is not cool…I have no idea what’s in their mind, but this have to stop.

SC: It seems that some fans are afraid that you don’t love them anymore because of these girls.

Tom: Fans have nothing to worry about. We’ll never put them in the same category. We know well that they’ll never do such things.On the contrary, we’re very thankful to them.
Bill: What worries me also, is that some fans want to deal with the stalkers. A girl uploaded a video where she explains that she prepares an attack. She wrote: “ We want to go to Germany and make your lives a living hell…”There are also videos sayinf things like “We’re going to **** you” or “Let the hunt begin!”
Tom: Don’t worry,the afghans are barricaded in Hamburg.
Bill: Don’ worry, don’t worry…either case, fearing that they’d attack mom, we had to postpone the recording of the album,did you forget?

SC: You made a t-shirt sold at H&M to fight against AIDS.Why is it important for you?

Bill: We heard about this campaign, we are in sight so we can do things; engage ourselves for causes. It’s important, especially for the younger ones. Defending this cause by creating a t-shirt really pleased us and inspired us.

SC: What was your participation?

Bill: The design was my main job.So I took care of the design of the t-shirt.
Tom: I made the slogan naturally!
Bill: And I was really inspired by Tom’s slogan.
Tom: Above all,we wanted to make a short and easy to remember slogan.

SC: What can you say to your fans about protection?

Bill: It’s very important because we think sex is a good thing.
Tom: Yes.
Bill: Each individual should be wary of it, and it’s not so difficult to put on a new condom every time [you do it]. With it, you can f*ck around, like my brother.

SC: What is your clothing style?

Bill: I am totally hooked with jackets. I have so much of these I lost count!From all colors and forms…Tom is more hip hop.
Tom: A little bit retro.
Bill: And this have nothing to do with the music but I always tell him he’s dressing like shit.He doesn’t want to listen to me.I will have to try and influence him more.In the future we’ve decided to wear the same t-shirts, so there’s hope…
Tom: As you can see, the t-shirt is better on me.
Bill: Yeah, totally.

What is your favourite piece of clothing?

Bill: Apart from jackets, I’m totally crazy about jewellery. I always have at least a suitcase, can be several actually, full of hundreds of silver rings.
Tom: Bill also has exquisite knickers!
Bill: LOL
Tom: That is what you can qualify as a totally cute style…And he loves to decorate them with coins or things like that…On top of that he collections them!

Interview: H.DULAC [Dear Ms Dulac, this interview is 100% fail. And please Mr editor, spell-check your articles. Way too much errors 😐 ]

In the purple box:
What’s new?
• Their new single Automatic on Air since mid-september…Will be followed by the album Humanoid, expected on the 2nd of October. About Automatic, Tom said:”Bill and I had different opinions about the songs to put in the album but we didn’t have any difficulties choosing this song!”
• Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg changed their look: Bill has black and white dreadlocks, Gustav wears glasses, and Georg rather got thinner…Less gothic, they are dressing in a more modern way with vivid colors. Bill is total manga grunge and Tom more R&B…
• It seems that Tom is in love with the singer Chantelle Paige.

h/t Schnee

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  1. Jasmin permalink
    September 20, 2009 3:17 pm

    I hope no one believes they really said that, like they really would talk about all the details of the attack…I’m just glad I don’t know what they wrote to the Dream up interview, if it’s worse than this.

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