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September 30, 2009

Jan Wigger of has penned the first Humanoid review I’ve seen. It’s very smart and quite positive – “Humanoid” Review | 7/10

Tokio Hotel – “Humanoid”
(Stunner Records/Universal, 2nd October)

Since we give unconditional credence to philologist Dr. René Reinholz and his statements on the subject of Tokio Hotel, it is also clear in our minds that this band is probably the best mirror for the mental state of German young men’s souls. Distinctive homophobia, misogyny aimed at minors, the feeling of never-ending superiority over younger girls’ taste in music, verbal aggression compensating for feelings of inferiority, sexual envy and complete refusal of commercial success glorified as nonconformity – all of that mixed together in an unappetising way, that’s what it probably looks like in the minds of many male adolescents who happily slaughter Tokio Hotel.

Or to take witticism by Sven Regener out of context: Big thoughts, small brain. However, even the cool kids, nerds and eggheads like to shine with the eternal youthful nonsense that the music of the Kaulitz twins would be constructed and “of course couldn’t be taken seriously”. This very good third Tokio Hotel album would bluntly be wasted as being [only] a guilty pleasure though.

Cyber romance, androgynous ambiguity and professionally glammed up songs that only seem ridiculous if one finds desires of unknown origin and love itself ridiculous. Parts of “Kampf der Liebe” (Pain of Love) were arguably borrowed from Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” and “Für immer jetzt” (Forever Now) is close to “Durch den Monsun” (Monsoon). However the force, magic and martyrdom of the title track and the homage to the Smashing Pumkins “Geisterfahrer” (Phantomrider) are pure and genuine. Please send your readers’ letters with the usual hostilities (“How much did the record label pay you?”, “From today the reviewer is definitely not credible anymore.”) to the well-known P.O. box.

Jan Wigger

Translation: TH UK Street Team

In other words? Snobbery compensates for insecure feelings of medoicrity, and results in the inability to appreciate pop-culture wonders such a Tokio Hotel. Or, in other words, it’s a good album. YES!

h/t fliegehoch, rarrkun

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  1. September 30, 2009 9:29 pm

    Awesome lede.

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