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The Speculation is (almost) Over!

October 3, 2009

After months of having name after name thrown at us as Humanoid collaborators, we have answers (and, in a couple of days, nineteen new songs)! We can’t know which of the rumored songwriters were just false and which just didn’t make the album, but here’s what’s going on in the credits of Humanoid (you can listen to a stream of the English album on Tokio Hotel’s Official Myspace, if it doesn’t freeze up your computer):

For the most part, the songs are the work of the original Tokio Hotel song/lyric writing team of the Kaulitz brothers (Tom co-wrote the music and Bill co-wrote lyrics on every track, as well as co-producing this album) with David Jost, Pat Benzer, and Dave Roth.

Of the many rumored high-profile songwriters, Guy Chambers turned out to be a great fit, collaborating on “World Behind My Wall”/”Lass Und Laufen” and “Pain of Love”/”Kampf Der Liebe.”  High-profile songwriters nowhere to be seen so far: Diane Warren, Kara DioGuradi, Ryan Tedder, and Kevin Rudolf.

Although they made public mention of working on Humanoid, there is no mention of RedOne or Andreas Carlsson. Remember, not all of the tracks made the final cut.

Desmond Child did make it, with “Zoom Into Me”/”Zoom,” a lovely, stripped down piano-based song that is absolutely nothing like the bombastic Desmond Child anthem I was predicting – and I love it.

Martin Kierszenbaum, President of Cherrytree Records and Head of A&R of Interscope who sometimes contributes to his artists’ albums, co-wrote the lyrics to “Dogs Unleashed”/”Hunde.”

The Matrix, who were reported to have a large amount of input into the creation Humanoid, are credited in five tracks – three of them (“Human Connect To Human”/”Menschen Suchen Menschen,” “Hey You,” and “Love & Death”) on the US Standard album (only one made the standard everywhere else). Two of the Bonus tracks (US) – “That Day,” And “Screamin'” have The Matrix in the credits (all four bonus tracks are Matrix everywhere else).

And Finally – Jonathan Davis of Korn is, in fact, credited on the English-only bonus track “Screamin'” for both music and lyrics, along with The Matrix.

Three  more tracks – the Hot Topic Bonus and the two itunes bonus songs (be sure to PREORDER your itunes album to get both of them!) to come!

Edited for accuracy – forgot the different tracklists on the US and International versions.

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