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Happy Humanoid Day!

October 6, 2009

It’s finally here – October 6, 2009, the day Humanoid is released in the USA!

My preordered my itunes copy came in at about 11:20 PM last night, and picked up the Hot Topic Exclusive this morning. I’m waiting for my Best Buy copy to arrive.

I’m still getting my thoughts together for the Humanoid writeup I’ll be posting later. In the meantime, here are some purchasing notes:

If you want the bonus track “In Your Shadow I Can Shine,” you have to buy the STANDARD Hot Topic version. The song is NOT listed in the tracklist on the back cover, it looks like a regular Standard CD. There is a sticker that mentions a bonus track – basically, you want the one that says it has 12 tracks (it really has 13), not 16. Hot Topic is pushing the Deluxe, which does not have “Shadow” on it, and the clerk at mine was not aware of the Exclusive track, so you have to go in knowing what you want rather than depending on them to tell you exactly what each version has.

Hot Topic also has another t-shirt package special – buy a t-shirt (my choices were the new red on black band shirt or the grey one with the stacked TVs) for $20, get the CD for free. Good deal!

Best Buy orders seem to have hit a SNAFU – many preorders of the Exclusive version with the German CD ($13.99) are on backorder. Somehow, some of us have orders that were filled and are in transit, so it isn’t ALL preorders, but it seems to be affecting a lot of people. Note that if you ordered the $16.99 version, it is not the Exclusive version, even though the label linked to that listing. Fan who ordered that version are receiving the regular Deluxe, without the German CD. The Exclusive is SOLD OUT online, so if you are having issues, it’s probably best to hit a brick-and-mortar if you can to get it as soon as possible and sort out any exchanges/refunds.

In store, most fans have had luck finding the Best Buy Exclusive, but note that only a few copies available.

itunes has been pretty smooth sailing – but if you didn’t preorder it, you’ve missed the boat on getting the bonus track “Attention.”

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