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Carlsson: Movie Magic?

October 9, 2009

Don’t count Andreas Carlsson, Swedish songwriter-slash-“Idol” judge out yet. In a recent online chat with, he explains that his Tokio Hotel collab hasn’t been released yet – it will be on a movie soundtrack.

Which movie has not been even hinted at – rumors that it’s the Arthur und die Minimoys sequel or (god forbid) Eclipse (the New Moon tracklist is already out, so forget that) are just rumors with no basis.

Personally, I hope it’s a movie that appeals to the male demographic as much as the female (or even more). I actually thought the Prom Night remake (which featured “By Your Side” in an unscary scene) was a good choice, simply because of the genre.

If I controlled the world (which, mind you, I don’t, and am just being self-indulgent here), they’d be on the soundtrack for the Daft Punk-scored TRON Legacy, coming out in December ’10. Ooh, and James Cameron’s Avatar, coming out this Christmas, hasn’t released it’s soundtrack listing yet….


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