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Tom (Blogging Master) Keeps Blogging

October 16, 2009

When Tom’s blog was first announced, it was said to take us to the album release. Many probably assumed that it would be all about the album release and day-to-day info about what Tom was doing -judging from the blog’s comments (which seem to have gotten less obnoxious over time), a lot of fans are disappointed that there hasn’t been more of that. Personally, I feel like I’ve learned more about Tom in the last couple of months via his art and video posts than I ever have. The posts are not catered to what young girls generally like, but are often truly offbeat, cutting edge, and in some cases, disturbing. In a fandom where people are shocked by cigarettes and can have a mindbogglingly low tolerance for non-conformity, meat bunnies and radical toons are pretty risky; Tom continues to show that he may be into a lot of things, but pandering isn’t high on the list.

My mind has been blown and expanded by the blog – I hope he keeps posting for a while.

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