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Lost TH Song Rescued By Adam Lambert?

November 29, 2009

Check it out! Here is a bonus track from Adam Lambert’s new album For Your Entertainment (Deluxe is available on itunes):

Sound vaguely familiar? Maybe like something that might have been on Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid, but didn’t make the final tracklist? It’s entirely possible that this is just the case – the songwriting credits for “Master Plan” list David Roth, David Jost, Patrick Benzner (who are of course all part of the Tokio Hotel writing/producing family), and Ryan Tedder of One Republic, who you might recall was rumored to be a collaborator on Humanoid.

Is this song the result of Tedder’s work with Tokio Hotel, retooled for For Your Entertainment?

(h/t sonnenstern)

P.S: For Your Entertainment is a terrific album – check out the whole thing!

UPDATE: Apparently, this is a big controversy. Let me be clear: I do not think Adam is copying Tokio Hotel or ripping them off – “Master Plan” is an Adam Lambert song that may have originated as a song that didn’t make it on Humanoid. There is nothing sketchy about that, it’s done frequently. And it never occurred to me to be disturbed by a possible For Your Entertainment/Humanoid connection or uncomfortable with any of the song’s lyrics. If it was originally an unreleased TH song, I thank Adam for not allowing it to be unheard forever. If it wasn’t, I still enjoy hearing a new Roth/Jost/Benzner collab.

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