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Jost Speaks

December 28, 2009

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Welt and both scored interviews with David Jost, one of Tokio Hotel’s most important – and least seen – members.

English Translations by Artax and Pat after the jump.

Welt translation by Artax:

You feel like the waste-product of a song

by Dagmar v. Taube, 27. December 2009

TH is the most successful German rockband. He is their musical brain: David Jost, 36, wrote hits like “Durch den Monsun” for the four from Magdeburg. And now also the number one hit “I Like” for Til Schweiger’s comedy “Zweiohrküken”. Dagmar v. Taube spoke with the Hamburg music producer.

Welt am Sonntag: Everybody knows TH. You, on the other hand, are never visible. Are you hiding?
David Jost: Not at all, I just don’t hardly ever speak into cameras.
WaS: Is there a formula by which you constantly produce your hits?
J: No, usually I don’t even exactly know when a song is really finished. I’m often afraid that there’s still something missing or that one still could leave something out. When you can’t leave anything out any more, that’s usually a good sign. Let’s say it like this: I write a song as long as I have the feeling that it turns my soul inside out. I want a feeling that I get hooked on. Then I try to stay as close as possible to my instincts: Fear, longing, sadness. When a song becomes too “head-centered”, i.e. too perfect, it is dead. Some songs even become better when you work in a few small errors afterwards.
WaS: Mozart often composed at night, under time pressure; Pete Doherty writes like Amy Winehouse: totally high. How do you do it?
J: It’s probably a bit desillusioning, but usually, I write at night, sitting on the bed, surrounded by open chips bags while the TV is running without sound. While I’m writing, I forget everything around me. Whatever could distract me is turned off. I word through several nights like that. Afterwards, you sometimes feel like the waste-product of the song you just wrote.
WaS: Music and addiction – birds of a feather?
J: Addiction is also possible without music.
WaS: It is said that you live exclusively on coffein pills.
J: Do chips contain coffein?!
WaS: When did you last destroy a hotel suite?
J: I’m sure there will be times when it will be cool again that bands with “the” in the name throw TVs through hotel windows… Right now, I think it’s rather silly.
WaS: Honestly – what’s the reason for this TH-screaming, this crazy feaver?
J: It’s the fact that the band doesn’t want to be part of anything. That’s rare. Bill is consistently weird.
(part translated by danyta )
His emotional extremes are part of its huge potential.

Welt am Sonntag: For example?

Jost: He has a tremendous will, even when he was a little boy. Before the video shooting of TH first single “Durch den Monsun” he told me that he wanted to have the band logo tattooed on his neck. I told him that was not a good idea, and asked him what he would do if the single would fail or if he fighted with his bandmates and then he would have this Logo on his neck forever.Bill said, and he was just 14: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life. I don’t give a f*** if it’ll will be a success or not”

WaS: You also wrote the title song “I Like” from Schweiger’s movie “Zweiohrküken”. Is that possible: From hardrock to a romantic comedy?
J: I didn’t write the song especially for the movie, it had already been written. It was coincidence that it fit in well with the movie.
WaS: The ring-tone of your handy?
J: My telephone is consistently put on “no sound” and “no vibration”. A friend once told me that two people of my kind would never be able to reach each other… But I hate ringing phones – I always only call back. Or not.
WaS: Do you rock with Cola or Irish Coffee?
J: Tea, coffee. No drinks, rarely.
WaS: What exactly is the reason for writing TH songs in LA?
J: Because that’s where I can relax best and finally can turn off that inner “thought-noise”.
WaS: What does “thought-noise” sound like?!
J: Brrrrnzzzztrrrüüüüüükrtsch!

Mopo translation by Pat:

Hamburgs hit maker

Everybody knows Germany’s most succesful band Tokio Hotel. the songwriter and manager
behind them, David Jost, only a few know.

Hamburgs recently most succesful music producer prefers to stay in the background, doesn’t
speak in front of camera’s and has little time for interviews.
David Jost, 37, producer, songwriter and manager of Tokio Hotel, is a workaholic.
since 7 years he is the man behind the international mega-succesful band.
Together with Bill Kaulitz he wrote all the big Tokio Hotel hits.
recently the song he composed with Robin Grubert,”I like” sung by Keri Hilson,
is in first place in the charts .
with the Mopo Jost spoke about his job and his life in between Hollywood and Hamburg.

What did you think when you met the boys of Tokio Hotel seven years ago?

Jost: at that time I was not planning to commit to exclusively work with one band.
but after hearing the band together with my production partner. I was paralyzed.
The emotional ability of Bill, who was 13 at the time, was incredible.
as a young boy he already had an exceptional appearance, wore a big melancholy but also a big will to fight in side of him.
we worked out a lot of his songideas together in the studio.
a lot of people said back then, that would never function, and the band name Tokio Hotel, was to unusual.
I put my hand into the fire everywhere that the band would start at the number 1 position.
if it had not happened, I would have looked terribly stupid.

what is so special about Tokio Hotel?

The star potential of this band is unbelievably big, and to find a frontman like bill,only happens once in a decade, if even that.
The boys are also smart and take part in every decision that involves the band.
in the last years they have, parallel to their career on stage, received a music business training.
especially Tom has worked himself into that.
when he does not feel like standing on the stage anymore, he can be successful working behind the screens.

h/t THAF

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