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January 13, 2010

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Exclusive outtake pics and a five minute behind-the-scenes video from Bill and Tom Kaulitz’s GQ photoshoot HERE!

I love these photos on many levels, but not least of all because the Twins did not go conventional. Not that I really thought they would – but when I heard that they would be doing GQ shoot featuring traditional attire such as tuxedos, I thought it sounded a bit pedestrian (my love of Fred Astaire’s style (on Fred Astaire) notwithstanding). I’m not one who has ever fantasized about what Bill and Tom might look like in standard suits and ties. I have never wished that Bill go “simple” or “minimal,” have never, ever, wanted him to “tone it down.” This is just what I wanted to see: the Twins turning the three-piece suit on its head by breaking it up, wearing different pieces, and keeping their own decidedly non-suit-and-tie styles completely intact. I would have hated to see something like all those silly photoshops that are out there with Bill or Tom’s head pasted on some suit and tie model’s body. I guess, for those disappointed that the Twins didn’t compromise, you’ll always have those cheesy photomanips.

The demand for the imported February issue here in the US has been high – be sure to order your copy before they’re gone!

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