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The 5 Awesomest Tokio Hotel Listings on Etsy Right Now

April 8, 2011

I can’t believe that it’s actually taken me this long to look for TH goodies on Etsy, the online wonderland of arts and crafts… but after reading a recent URLesque post on Etsy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finds, I was inspired. What wonders would I find if I plugged “Tokio Hotel” in the Etsy search box? Visions of crocheted Bills filled my head as I clicked.

After weeding out a bunch of listings for commercial-looking keychains (WTF?), I struck gold.

First, two of my favorite things — Bill and Día de los Muertos — together! UlteriorMotivesInc is selling this original Bill-themed sugar skull painting for less than $20.


Bill Kaulitz Dia De Los Muertos Painting by UlteriorMotivesInc

Here’s an interpretive painting (sold as a limited edition print) based on the song “In Your Shadow I Will Shine” by LaineyArt:


"In Your Shadow" by LaineyArt


Would you prefer less interpretation, more Tom? LaineyArt has you covered with another incredible print:


"Passion Guitar" by LainyArt


I’m not a fan of unlicensed shirts, but I am a fan of awesome fan art — and victorefashion sells these wearable art tees at cost, suggesting that you spend the would-be profits on Tokio Hotel’s music.


Bill t-shirt by victorefashion


Handmade TH logo necklace by LittleAngelsJewelry. Heart cookie cutter not included:


Tokio Hotel necklace by LittleAngelsJewelry

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  1. April 28, 2011 2:05 am

    Please Vote for Tokio Hotel on O Music Awards!!

    Thank you!

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