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Sweet! (Back From The Dead)

April 4, 2011

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve posted here. It’s kind of funny, because I was going to do another April Fool’s post (making two April Fool’s posts in a row), but I didn’t really find anything good. The Lady Gaga thing was mildy amusing, but not nearly weird or shocking enough. I’m still all for a TH/Gaga project, so maybe I’m just bitter.

I don’t expect that anyone cares where I’ve been for the last year, but the short answer is:  out of this crazy fandom. I quit a shitty job and started writing for a living, something that’s hard to do when you devote an inexplicable amount of time on fan stuff. But I haven’t taken a break from being a fan. Just the cliques, the soul-sucking drama and the fandom politics. I decided, though, that I will keep adding to this blog as things strike me, and something struck me today.

I discovered while working on an interview, and decided to pop “tokio hotel” in the search box. Not gonna lie, I was fully hoping for a life-sized cake bust of Bill (something like this). What did come up was still very cool — you can’t go wrong with black fondant and flames! These cakes aren’t super new (not old either — they’re all 2010), but none have many comments, so I figured it was never too late to show some love (click on the cakes for more pics):


Cake by Marion1504,

Cake by michel3014,

Cake by Briniga,

Have you made a TH cake? Share it in the comments!

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